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Taylor Henderson


Taylor Henderson is a founding partner in ARC and brings a diverse background with his extensive experience in commercial construction, industrial mining development, and development of environmentally focused companies within the alternative investment space. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he plays a vital role in directing investments operations, strategic project management, due diligence, and developing partnerships.

Early on in his career, Henderson worked as a field engineer for a well-known nationwide construction management company. He gained valuable experience in managing large commercial projects across the country including a 175 million dollar expansion onto USAA Arizona campus. Later, he co-founded an industrial mining construction company that specialized in solving complex engineering challenges. From quarry production to mining solutions, quarry dewatering, industrial maintenance, and machinery installation, he and his team provided innovative solutions to meet their clients' needs.

Henderson's wealth of experience in the mining and construction industries led him to co-create other companies in the alternative investment space that focused on offering investors the ability to protect natural resources and biodiversity by potentially limiting different types of development.


Taylor Henderson
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