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Dylan Still


Dylan Still is a founder of American Revitalization Company. Still manages ARC's operations and is responsible for acquisitions, investor relations, marketing, and asset management. 

Still is a founding partner in Priostone, a land development company and Rum Creek Investments, a real estate consulting firm. In addition, Still has worked for real estate investment firms, where he orchestrated a wide range of projects, from the concept to project completion. In addition, Still worked for an accounting firm specializing in corporate taxation and gained extensive experience managing budgets, forecasting cash flow, and monitoring expenses while maintaining strict deadlines.

Still's career diversified into the fields of business consulting and wealth management, where he served on Peachtree Planning's Advanced Wealth Management Team. To reach his clients' financial objectives, he designed advanced planning strategies and worked closely with business owners and high-net-worth families. With years of experience in various fields, Still's passion for real estate led him to pursue a career in land development.


Dylan Still
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